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Because of the shooting July 20 in Colorado and the recent flurry of activity regarding the views of the owner of Chick-fil-a, not to mention the survivor’s benefits that won’t be paid to the partner of astronaut Sally Ride, I’ve been opening my Facebook news feed each day to a louder than usual cacophony of opinion.

One friend’s recent post has me thinking.  “Let me know,” she wrote, “if you agree with this guy so I can unfriend you.”  This post included a sound bite of an elected official stating an opinion that he probably now wishes he’d kept private.  He essentially blamed the Colorado shooting on a decline of Christianity among Americans and said something about wishing an armed person had been present. (more…)


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More from Colorado

A friend shared this post recently, another written by a pastor in the Aurora, Colorado area.

I didn’t intend to share it, originally, but I can’t stop thinking about it.  What does it mean?  Did God prepare Petra for this moment?  What do you suppose Petra believes?

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Of all the posts and article I’ve read about the theater shootings in Colorado, this one, by someone who was there, speaks truth to me.


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Betty and Willard Little, featured in this article, remind me of the elderly couples Paul and Caroline meet at Bible Study in my book Forgiveness Fits.

I have almost no happy memories of living in Spokane.  I lived there from the age of fourteen to the age of twenty-one, and when I left I knew I’d never be back.  But not everyone thinks it’s an awful place.  When I hear my husband’s parents talk about their youth and the years early in their marriage, I wish I’d been there way back when.  That’s why I gave Paul and Caroline their Bible Study friends.  Everyone I met over the age of forty told stories of living in a virtual paradise, a place where neighbors looked out for one another and all the kids got along in school.  A place where people like Betty and Willard live.

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Christians and Tattoos

I’m so glad ‘reblogging’ is an acceptable practice.  Today I read Jon Acuff’s post about tattoos on worship leaders, and it’s revived my posting juju.

I’m not young, and I’m a long way from hip.  So this whole tattoo mania has me wondering some things.

One of the things I’m wondering is this:  what is the state of laser tattoo removal?  Most of the people choosing to get tattoos are young.  I imagine some of them will eventually decide their fondness for that band or even that style of art may wane.  What then?  When I was in college, working in a department store, a fellow sales associate had a peace sign tattooed between her eyes.  Nothing wrong with it, except people stared.  She worked ages, saving her money to have it removed.  And it was the size of a nickel.

Another thing I wonder about is if people who get oodles of tattoos are somehow displeased with their bodies as they are.  I don’t mean to go all psycho-analytical, mainly because I’m not qualified, but when I watch an NBA game, the non-tattooed guys appear to be more comfortable with their lot in life.  I find that weird, you know, because there are a gajillion high school players out there who would feel pretty good about themselves if they got to play a little one-on-one with pretty much any NBA player.  No ink needed.

But that’s what I think when I see them.

Of course, I’m old, so my opinions don’t count much in the discussion.  Our culture has low regard for folks over fifty, even though we’ve seen fads come and go and we’ve learned valuable lessons about accepting our saggy bodies and not getting tattoos between the eyes.

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“A tempest in my soul”

During the week a friend recommended that I read this article, about a Southern Baptist preacher in Chattanooga whose son died of AIDS.  It’s a moving report of one man’s struggle to maintain his relationship with God while loving and grieving for his beloved son.

I’m curious to know what you think.

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