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Big John


He was big around the middle, wore a barber-shop haircut straight from the Fifties, and had terrible pimples.  His shirt tail regularly found its way out of the waistband of his pants.  He tended to spit when he talked, often because he was arguing with you about something terribly important to him but totally off your radar.  He was the guy you didn’t want to be stuck next to in class.

He worked the fountain while you waited tables.  On the surface, you had little in common.  You were cute and skinny and raked in tips because you smiled a lot.  You dated, badly, because dating meant you were like all the other kids and if there’s anything you wanted to be, it was ‘like the other kids.’  He wasn’t like the other kids.  When he first lived in the dorms, his floormates caused him endless amounts of grief.  They got mad because his alarm went off when he wasn’t there.  They made fun of his interests in law enforcement and fire fighting.  They didn’t much want to argue about music or politics or the right way to treat people in a civil society.  They bullied him and mocked his ideas and disparaged his clothes. (more…)


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