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On Friday after dinner, we noticed our cat Lulu behaving strangely outside. Dave brought her in and we realized she was A) filthy and B) struggling to breathe. We took her to Aerowood (the 24-hour veterinarian in Eastgate) where the vet suspected she was succumbing to cancer. We got to hold her as she took her last difficult breath. We’re sorry she’s gone.
lulumitLulu was the oddest cat. We got her at the King County Shelter in Crossroads after the Humane Society wouldn’t let us adopt. (We’d said we planned to have our cat declawed. This was somewhat upsetting to the thirteen-year-old boy I had with me.) For many years her favorite toy was the screw cap from the bottled seltzer water Dave drank. She’d get in his lap whenever he opened one, then bat the cap all over the house. We never knew where they went, just knew that dozens and dozens of bottle caps were piling up somewhere. One day we moved the couch to vacuum and found her entire collection.



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