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Now there’s a title that will attract thousands of readers. Maybe I should have written, “You won’t believe what this woman does with her gift wrap!”

Yesterday, my daughter wondered aloud if we should try harder to save gift wrap on Christmas morning. I shook my head and explained that re-using ribbons (I tie everything with wire-edged ribbon) is recycling enough.

As I wrapped presents yesterday and today, I became even more convinced we’re doing “enough” recycling. It’s been ages since I accepted a gift box. And because I usually wrap the presents that leave the house in the nicer boxes, I’m curating a collection of truly ancient boxes. Olive-colored boxes from the Bon Marche? Of course. Shoe boxes? Naturally. Amazon packing boxes? You know it. Lamonts? Yes, even Lamonts.

The tissue inside the boxes? It stays in place and is used year after year, or until it rips. I confess, the tissue inside one very old Sears box was looking a bit yellow this morning. I’ll probably throw it away on Sunday.

We also re-use the tags. Every Christmas morning as I roll up the used ribbon, I collect the tags and store them in plastic bags labeled with our names. It’s fun to see the tags the kids wrote when they were very small. Some tags are marked with as many as three years, showing that we’ve used them more than once. Sometimes we wrote little hints on the tags (“Open me first.” Christmas pajamas, of course. “Look behind the couch.” A print of a Chris Van Allsburg painting.) which help us remember the presents of Christmas past.

And the paper does, after all, go into the recycling bin.

I think I’m doing enough.

What about you? How do you recycle during the holidays?


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