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I spend my days with middle-school students, and it’s impossible to miss how uncomfortable they are with themselves.  Durng these early teen years, they begin sprouting all sorts of unfamiliar body hair, they begin to struggle with pimples, and they worry about their appearance in ways we grown folk can no longer remember.  They are embarrassed by everything, but seldom notice their own body odor.  And that’s just the boys.

I realize when I’m with them how comfortable I am in my own skin.  I am the size I am.  I have the face I have.  My opinions are my own.  I can be interested in what others think.  And acknowledging my shortcomings doesn’t make me feel the least bit inferior or ‘less than.’  It is, in fact, almost fun to discover an area for improvement because it keeps my mind sharp.

But when did this happen?  When did I make the leap from self-conscious, perpetually embarrassed thirteen-year-old to confident and comfortable woman?  Did it happen when I became a wife?  After I’d had some success at work?  Or was it becoming a parent that helped me make the switch?

What do you think?  When did you leave your uncomfortable persona behind??  When did you become who you are?


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