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I’ve just recovered from a three-day migraine.  Today I am experiencing what we call the ‘postdrome,’ which many migraineurs compare to a hangover.  The comparison always makes me chuckle; for the years that I was able to enjoy alcohol, a ‘hangover’ meant getting a migraine.  Apparently people who don’t get migraines just have this sleepy, useless feeling after a night of overindulgence.  Wimps.

So having recovered from my three days of misery–what’s that?  You wonder what it’s like?  Imagine teaching middle school with an ice pick in your eye.  Or your temple, whichever seems ickiest.  So having recovered, I checked the messages in my migraine-related Yahoo group, and find that June is National Migraine Awareness Month.  We’re supposed to wear purple, which I am opposed to on moral grounds, being a Cougar fan and all.

Sufferers are also encouraged to blog on their migraine experiences.  I’m not sure I’m down with this either.  I give enough time to those headaches.  Giving them ink in my blog seems like an honor they don’t deserve.  They keep me from enjoying my students.  They force my family to eat fast food and meals scavenged from the bare cupboards.  They separate me from life at key times:  holidays, family events, Tuesdays.

But if blogging and wearing purple accomplishes certain things, I’m ready to play.  If blogging and wearing purple can help one person get better treatment, I’m for it.  If blogging and wearing purple mean that one more sufferer can take sick leave without people snickering about how she doesn’t *look* sick, then I’m for it.  If blogging and wearing purple can stop one more co-worker from rolling her eyes and saying, “You *are* a headache,” then I’m doing it.  We sufferers often worry more about how others will react to our headaches than we do about how to fight them.  And that is wrong.  I’m willing to fight that.

Today’s challenge is to list our triggers.  Rather than write a post that’s three miles long, I’ll just say that my menstrual cycle is the #1 trigger.  No matter which preventives I’m taking, that ovulation headache breaks through and ruins my day. Sure, processed foods, fake sugar, bright lights and annoying noises are a problem, but I can avoid those.  Haven’t found a way to avoid my own biology yet.

National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.


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